Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mitzi Curtis - Furniture Design

(inside) Interior Design Review Magazine is a white-collar journal for both the interior architects and designers. It gives people a taste of architectural projects that leading interior designers have created. (inside) continues to merge national and international enterprises, presented in a bold visual style, to offer readers beneficial understanding of modern design developments, components and procedures. While doing this they also the broader industry debates of society-including architectures, manufacturing, distribution and trends. (inside) has featured the personal works of 16 australian architectural photographers, for an example; Jesse Marlow. There are different focuses on exhibiting, these include; Prospects-highlights of design and look at talents; Detail-sharp focus on design centric subjects; Resource-materials (enabling product or service for practicing designers; Profile-an inside look at design characters, of the highest merit; Discourse-discussing points of interest in Q&A form; and Design Humanities-the sociological look of design dynamics.

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3. http://www.magshop.com.au/inside

4. http://www.jessemarlow.com/news/inside-interior-design-review-magazine-sunday-morning-featured/

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