Monday, March 14, 2011

Ford Model U

Fords first cradle-to-cradle car is powered by the world's first supercharged hydrogen internal combustion engine, equipped with a hybrid electric transmission and pioneering green materials and processes, Model U is a vision for the future. It is Ford's model for change - exploring the benefits a vehicle provides to its users, the way it is manufactured and how it impacts the world.

It is designed for mass production, but has nearly infinite capacity for being personalized and upgraded. It offers advanced technologies that respond to customers' desires for convenience, entertainment and continuously improved safety. And it looks at how building a car, truck or SUV can strengthen the environment.

Inspired by how the Model T revolutionized personal transportation in the last century, a team of Ford researchers and designers created Model U. It is a clear expression of Ford Motor Company's strategy to follow future automotive technologies without compromising today's customer expectations for personal mobility. It is a car designed to meet the customers’ needs as well as help the environment.

Model U starts a new cycle for Ford; Emissions, safety and fuel economy, also green materials and processes, are all key questions facing the entire auto industry.

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