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An amazing designer who lived a life full of wild adventures, of travel, dance and high tea. Born in outback Queensland and as a child learnt to sing and dance. After some time preforming around outback australian towns, and having enough of Australia she set sail to broader worlds, landing in China as" Bobby Broadhurst" she sang and dancing her way through china, "Bobby Broadhurst" opened
 her own preforming arts  studio in Shanghi. Florence then returned to Australia in 1927 and then left for London, she was married; and now went under the name "Madame Pellier" opening a fashion salon in bond st ; That marriage ended. Florence re married "Leonard Lloyd-lewis",  having one son and in 1949 returning to Australia. After a life full of re-invention of herself, at the age of 63 she decided "Australia was afraid of color" and went into producing brightly colored geometrical and nature inspired-over sized designs. Florence was known for her  bold colorful wallpaper designs, In 1959 she opened her studio producing hand painted wallpaper; "the only one of its kind in the world" witch by the mid 70's was selling to the top end of australians and exporting world wide.
Florence drew on vivid images of her fascinating life and travels through Asia and Europe to produce her unique designs of wallpapers, by 1972 her wallpapers were at  over 800 designs and in eighty different colors. Florence also had a background of landscape and portrait painting. Quiet the socialite,  and a wild and wacky woman she unfortunately was murdered outside her  Paddington studio in 1977, which has never solved.  A small Design company "Chee Soon and Fitzgerald " hold the wholesale and re distribution rights for Broadhurst wallpaper, whom today distribute world wide

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