Monday, May 9, 2011

Cradle to Cradle- Nike. Tenarra

As time has gone on many human beings are becoming more consciousabout how we use our resources. As being wasteful doesn’tmeet expectations of the public anymore there becomes a huge outcry for businesses and designers to be moresocially aware of their product. Nike has answered this call by becoming a ‘cradle tocradle’ product provider.

To begin with reusing the materials as surfaces for sporting fields such as football fields, tennis courts, soccer pitches and tracks. This was known as the “Re-use a shoe” program where consumers were encouraged to donate their old shoes. Bins were ready and available. This has now spread over 300 recycling facilities throughout the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. This has made contributing even more convenient than ever before.

As technology has improved so have the ways that these shoes are recycled and the uses. The shoes can now be split into rubber outsole, foam midsole and fiber upper which are then refined. This enables more suitable secondary uses for the shoe parts and hence increases the possibilities of further recycling. Shoes can also be grinded up whole and then each of the material separated after.

Due to Nike’s long history with
more and more uses have been conveyed. They are only looking forwards with incredible hopes and plans to meet upcoming needs of the consumers.'s-shoe-recycling-program

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