Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanya . Cradle to cradle


William McDonough and Michael Braungart; are the amazing creators of this book. They are both enthusiastic about the workings of industry impact and environment, and have come up with ways to re invent design as it is today.

Cradle to Cradle maps the lineaments of McDonough and Braungart's new design paradigm, offering practical steps on how to innovate within today's economic environment. Part social history, part green business primer, part design manual, the book makes plain that the re-invention of human industry is not only within our grasp, it is our best hope for a future of sustaining prosperity.
In addition to describing the hopeful, nature-inspired design principles that are making industry both prosperous and sustainable, the book itself is a physical symbol of the changes to come. It is printed on a synthetic 'paper,' made from plastic resins and inorganic fillers, designed to look and feel like top quality paper while also being waterproof and rugged. And the book can be easily recycled in localities with systems to collect polypropylene, like that in yogurt containers. This 'treeless' book points the way toward the day when synthetic books, like many other products, can be used, recycled, and used again without losing any material quality—in cradle to cradle cycles.

Michael Braungart and William Mc Donough have since inspired many other projects of re-use re-cycle. Herman Miller also took on the roll as an important factor in all his designs and employed  the these guys to overhaul his design factories and sustainability from his factories and products.
Our focus now is on maintaining our high standards while incorporating increasingly more environmentally sustainable materials, features, and manufacturing processes into new product designs. Our Design for the Environment (DfE) team, which is responsible for developing environmentally sensitive design standards for new and existing Herman Miller products, has initiated a protocol to guide this effort.

Some other famous brands that have also taken this on are "NIKE" "FORD MOTOR COMPANY"  There are many resources and developments in this industry now thanks to those who care about the importance of "Sustainability"

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