Monday, May 16, 2011

Natalie Kiryk ~ Favourite Brand

If I had to choose something I couldn't live without, I would have to say Lucas Papaw Ointment. I use it everyday on my lips and hands but it also has many other uses.

It can be used for the treatment of minor burns, chafing, cuts, gravel rash, minor open wounds, nappy rash, scalds, sunburn, splinters and thorns, temporary relief of dermatitis and eczema and general care of skin. The Paw Paw fruit, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E together with amino acids, calcium, iron and enzymes. In particular, it contains the enzyme papain which, as well as being of great help to people with digestive problems, is known to be antiseptic for cleaning wounds.

The paw paw tree, also known as papaw or papaya, (Carica papaya) could be called "The Medicine Tree."

Lucas Papaw Ointment was first formulated by Dr. Thomas P. LucasFor some years Dr.Lucas practised in London. He came to Australia in 1876 - practiced in Melbourne for 10 years before moving to Queensland - It was here in Queensland - looking for a natural remedy for disease - he carried out his scientific studies and experiments which led to his formulation of Papaw Ointment.

Lucas believed he had discovered the world's greatest healing agent. Some of course would beg to differ but considering the ointment is still being sold today, over 100 years old and still using the original recipe, there is definately something quite remarkable as a healing agent.

I also love the fact that Papaw is grown, fermented and packaged all in Australia, it is safe for infants and children, it is very reasonably priced and is mostly made from all natural ingredients.

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