Monday, May 30, 2011

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Facebook has become one of the world's top communication networks today. It allows you to interact with people all around the globe, create events and invite whomever you want and to start your own page to boost your school, company or just to share you artistic work. Facebook has also done wondrous things for families by reuniting long lost family members and for politicians too by talking up their parliamentary seat or even their campaign.

If you're one of those people who loves finding out juicy gossip on all the top celebrities and just to even 'stalk' a special someone Facebook can do the trick.

But in saying that Facebook has done great things, there has also been some shocking news of late that more and more paedophiles have access to vulnerable teens and children and that cyber bullying has increased and as a result they go and hang themselves because they feel unloved!cyber-bullying-barack-obama.jpg



And by the end of 2010 crime rates had reached an astounding 100,000. Because of all these happenings Facebook has been banned in selected countries like Syria and Iran but has also been forbidden in some company offices.

In the end, Facebook has been a mixture of trouble and success. It has over 175 million users and is currently the number one network with MySpace and Twitter following behind. Facebook may have had its fair share of criticism, but the website still remains to be a well kept site.



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