Monday, May 16, 2011

Maharam Design Studio - Tenarra

Maharam Design Studio was founded in1902 by Louis Maharam. Maharam Design found its roots in New York City by becoming a supplier of theatrical textiles.

They then went on to pioneer through contract textiles during the 1960s. This involved developing fabrics intended for commercial products. This was continuously pushed forward as America become more and more commercial and saw to the introduction of their “Tek-Wall.” Tek wall was the first high-performance textile wall covering for the contract furniture industry.

Maharam Design is 
still a family run business and is under direction of Mary Murphy. It specializes in textiles for window covering, walls seating, systems and healthcare application. Often collaborating with designers that specialize outside of the textile design industry is their

main edge. This gives them a increased chance of developing fresh and trendsetting while co-opertating with people that make the whole consumerist nature of our society work – Graphic, fashion, industrial and architectural designers. This combined with internal collaboration

means that they have an
advantage when exploring new materials or using current ones in new and exciting ways. In each design they stick to a simple motto: “It's not just about looking pretty; it's about engineering textiles that are made to last and perform."

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