Saturday, May 14, 2011

Natalie Kiryk ~ C2C & ASEC

Cradle to cradle was Started in the 80’s by Architech, William McDonoughs and Chemist, Michael Braungart It is a holistic economic, industrial and social framework that seeks to create systems that are not just efficient but essentially waste free, hopefully eliminating the need for waste disposal such as landfills. C2C seeks to remove harmful and dangerous chemicals and materials that humans come into contact with everyday, which will allow for a healthier overall system to be maintained and no long term health effects. The use of a C2C model also often lowers the financial cost of systems.

The term 'C2C Certification' is a protected term of the McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC) consultants. It is a proprietary system of certification. One client of MBDC is ASEC, which stands for Action Sports Environmental Coalition. Founded in 2002 by Frank Scura, he was motivated by the influence action sports icons have over young people and their families through the positive actions of influential athletes.

For the past eight years ASEC has been the conscience and driving force for sustainability in Action Sports, now the movement has become passionately supported by 100's of riders, brands and fans. This movement is also represented on the front lines by a robust offering of product carried by a large number of retailers worldwide such as Quiksilver, Volcom and Oakley to name a few.

Make a difference. Join the resolution.

Get involved!

Live the way you ride..

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