Monday, June 20, 2011

Brand Loyalty-Mitzi Cutis

Brand Loyalty plays an important part in both small and large companies like Subway, Harvey Norman, Coca Cola, Ford, etc. A brand, in order to be captivating, must be strong in design and typography. It must make an imprint in the viewers mind. It also must give an authentic motive in why we should even consider purchasing a product from that particular company. The more appealing the brand/product is to the viewers the more likely they are to spread the word, and by doing that the company gains more consumers.

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Organisations, to gain more 'votes', involve themselves in community events/competitions and hand out reward points.

Dedication and hard work in your particular company is sure to stand out by a long shot and it will give to customers a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction t be apart of something high achieving. If a loyal brand can be built between a brand and client there is more of a chance that it will be successful and that consumers will by.




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