Monday, June 20, 2011

Product Branding Thanya.


Branding is the  identity of a specific product or service. 
A Product is an item that satisfies a markets wants or needs, There-for product branding is a recognizable item/statement that you will notice via its brand or logo. It is the representation of your business to the world, a message about how you want to be remembered , viewed , communication about the uniqueness of your product that sets you apart from your competition.
To be a successful Brand it is good to know your target market, research so you can have an understanding of who your buyers will be. This will also help with the development of logo, your product's services and name.

Successful brands are easily identifiable, it is measured by their level of brand awareness and is most notable when a single symbol or logo is highly recognizable on its own.  Consistent advertising with a targeted and clear theme is testimonial to successful  advertising a brand.

There are different areas to product branding such as ;
Individual product branding  : Family branding ;: Co branding : Private or store branding : No name or Generic branding : Brand Licensing.

How you position your brand also will affect your marketing and communication of your brand.

Key creative idea: Positioning is that One Thing
Position is that one descriptive sentence or slogan or image the brand is known for.
That one specific idea that first comes to mind about the product.
That one characteristic that sets the service apart from competitors.
For the brand Volvo, that one thing is "Safety."
In Jakarta, Indonesia, Bluebird is "The safest way to travel by taxi."
And everyone knows the car rental brand, Avis "tries harder."

Product positioning in action.
"Shadow Play" by Springer & Jacoby of Hamburg, for OSRAM.
This TV commercial is simple. Memorable. And it makes a superlative comparison to competitors: "The strongest torch in the world."

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